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Pain-Free Standing For 12+ hours
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Color:  Black
Size:  5.5
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30-Day Wear Test
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Introducing our specially designed diabetic sandals, tailored for individuals with wide or swollen feet, providing a refreshing and comfortable experience akin to cool, fresh air on a hot summer's day!


Our shoes feature a wide toe box for a comfortable fit, easing pressure on sensitive feet. The stretchable mesh upper expands with your foot, perfect for all seasons and outdoor activities. It offers a closely fit design to reduce irritation.


Our shoes are designed with extra depth and memory foam insoles and accommodate custom orthotics. They provide moderate control, support, and protection for swollen feet, offering a customized fit for problem feet.


With adjustable velcro closures on the forefoot straps, our lightweight diabetic sandals are easy to wear and adjust for changes in swelling. They alleviate pressure on swollen feet, bunions, lymphedema, diabetes, or hammer toes.


Featuring a stretchable, breathable, and lightweight upper, our shoes keep feet cool and dry. The interior lining is smooth and breathable, offering a great in-shoe feel. The padded tongue, collar, and firm heel counter enhance stability and support.


Our shoes have a durable and flexible rubber outsole and a lightweight midsole. The EVA molded midsole and TPU Air cushion system absorb shock and promote a smoother transition. The outsole treads provide superior slip resistance.

Loved by 1000s of women, Omega Walk’s diabetic shoes provide your feet the comfort and relief it deserves. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!


Many podiatrists highly recommend MUMU as the best solution for foot pain problems.Definitely worth a try.

Pain-Free Standing For 12+ Hours

Whether you're a construction worker, nurse, or any other profession that requires extended periods of standing, our shoes are the perfect choice for keeping your feet comfortable and pain-free all day long. Try them today and experience the difference!

Superior Pain-Relieving Arch Support

MUMU's unique arch support technology helps relieve various types of foot pain while providing additional cushioning and a stable arch, making MUMU's shoes the ideal choice for those with foot issues.


1. What is the 30 Day Wear Test Guarantee?

We believe 100% in our products. This is why we offer a 30-Day Wear Test Guarantee where you can test the shoes and decide for yourself.

2. What Happens If I Order the Wrong Size?

We have a support team available 24/7 for you. Simply email us at and we will change the size for you

3. Are they slip-resistant?

YES! Our outer sole is slip-resistant.Perfect for healthcare workers,restaurant workers,cleaners,janitors,and more

4. Who Should Wear Orthopedic Shoes?

Orthopedic shoes help align a patient's feet and off-load areas of increased stress (like a collapsed arch, an arthritic joint, or a diabetic ulcer or callus.

5. Can normal people wear orthopedic shoes?

People of all ages wear orthopedic shoes. They are also popular among people without foot problems because they are specifically designed to support the foot, ankle, and leg‘s structure and mechanics and strengthen important muscles.

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