MUMUFootWear™ PAINX - StayComfy Series-Women Orthopedic Shoes & Walking Shoes-Advanced Pain Relieving Arch Support

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Pain-Free Standing For 12+ hours

30-Day Wear Test & Easy Return

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Color:  Pink
Women's Size:  WOMEN'S US5-AUS4.5-EU35
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30-Day Wear Test
Doctor-Recommended Shoes
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  • Knitted fabric
  • Imported
  • Ethylene Vinyl Acetate + Rubber Patch sole
  • Breathable & Comfortable Upper: The upper is made of breathable and lightweight knitted material, which has strong wrapping and won't be stuffy during long-time exercise, giving you a different comfortable experience.
  • Different Inner Lining: The soft sponge inner reduces the friction between feet and tennis shoes, and takes care of your skin. (Note: Every pair of these womens running shoes are equipped with a pair of arch support insoles, this is a gift), this arch support insole maintains the correct foot positioning, enhances comfort, and has excellent shock absorption and pain relief effects to provide moderate control and support.
  • Shock-Absorbing Air Cushion: The design of double air cushion increases the elasticity and plays the role of cushioning. Can protect the knees and feet to a greater extent.
  • Non-Slip & Durable Sole: The EVA sole is wear-resistant and durable, and the sole is affixed with an rubber patch to increase friction, and the anti-skid function is powerful.
  • Perfect For: running, walking, working, weight training, park, boating, cycling, jogging, garden, lawn, equestrian, basketball, rowing, athletics, tennis, volleyball, football, driving and yoga. Casual daily shoes which can bring more enjoy to your life.





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Does Walking Feel Nncomfortable And Painful?

The MUMUFOOTWEAR™ orthopedic shoes is what you need

What makes MumuFootWearOrthopedic Shoes different?

  • Free Premium Orthopedic Padding - Insoles soften impacts and make every step you take soothing with comfort.
  • Corrective Arch Design - Orthotic insoles stabilize the heel, and help avoid the wrong gait load condition during corrections.
  • Evenly Distributed Pressure - Our orthotic shoes provide you with sufficient cushioning and comfort, a size that is broad enough to fit in. Most importantly, these shoes will provide stability, balance, and traction.
  • Air Cushion Technology - Enhances comfort and reduces pressure under the heel.

  • Breathable Without Squeezing - Air mesh fabric brings a comfortable fit feeling, being perfect for sneakers and running shoes thanks to its breathable properties.

  • Extra Comfort With Arch Support - Our orthotic shoes provide sufficient cushioning and comfort, a size that is broad enough to fit in. 
  • Eliminating Arch Tension - The orthotic insoles give proper support and minimize undesired stress. Even the most strenuous activities, such as rigorous exercises or lengthy runs, will not put you in danger.
  • Anatomical Frame Correcting - The shoe insoles allow for balancing foot force and modification of bad posture, which do not harm for daily usage and boost wearers' confidence.
  • Slip Resistant Outsole - Slip-resistant traction outsole with water resistance

MuMuFootWear Premium Tech System

Our ergonomic cushioning sole reduces any impact that occurs after taking a step.

Every step is comfortable and smooth!

#1 Orthotic Recommended Shoes

1、We leverage our foot health, manufacturing, and sourcing expertise to bring the latest technology and innovation to MUMUFOOTWEAR™ technology. Our goal is to sustainably supply and manufacture products that put our customers' health first.

2、Our comfortable orthotic shoe is suitable for relieving of plantar fasciitis, bunions, flat feet, foot pain, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, knee pain, back pain, and various other pain conditions.

3、Our shoes is also recommended by podiatrists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals around the world.


Walk comfortably & pain-free or you receive your money back, guaranteed!

Test our items risk-free for up to 30 days and return them for a full refund if you are not totally satisfied.

See for yourself why MUMUFOOTWEAR™ orthopedic shoes is considered the USA's Most Comfortable Shoes. We stand by our products.

We are convinced that we deliver high quality products with "MumuFootWear". Our goods are constantly checked, tested and optimized.


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Many podiatrists highly recommend MUMU as the best solution for foot pain problems.Definitely worth a try.

Pain-Free Standing For 12+ Hours

Whether you're a construction worker, nurse, or any other profession that requires extended periods of standing, our shoes are the perfect choice for keeping your feet comfortable and pain-free all day long. Try them today and experience the difference!

Superior Pain-Relieving Arch Support

MUMU's unique arch support technology helps relieve various types of foot pain while providing additional cushioning and a stable arch, making MUMU's shoes the ideal choice for those with foot issues.


1. What is the 30 Day Wear Test Guarantee?

We believe 100% in our products. This is why we offer a 30-Day Wear Test Guarantee where you can test the shoes and decide for yourself.

2. What Happens If I Order the Wrong Size?

We have a support team available 24/7 for you. Simply email us at and we will change the size for you

3. Are they slip-resistant?

YES! Our outer sole is slip-resistant.Perfect for healthcare workers,restaurant workers,cleaners,janitors,and more

4. Who Should Wear Orthopedic Shoes?

Orthopedic shoes help align a patient's feet and off-load areas of increased stress (like a collapsed arch, an arthritic joint, or a diabetic ulcer or callus.

5. Can normal people wear orthopedic shoes?

People of all ages wear orthopedic shoes. They are also popular among people without foot problems because they are specifically designed to support the foot, ankle, and leg‘s structure and mechanics and strengthen important muscles.

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