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Pain-Free Standing For 12+ hours
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Color:  Chocolate
Size:  6
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30-Day Wear Test
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Boots are made from our exceptional Caiman Tail leather.It uses a three-piece assembly, allowing us to deliver exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Product Features

  • 100% Genuine Leather: 100% genuine exotic hides set a new standard for cowboy boot design. Every single one of Caiman hides undergoes a through examination before being selected for the best match of color and pattern. This can see this extra effort when you look at The Roscoe.
  • Soft Calfskin Lining: Each boot is lined with a soft layer of our super soft calfskin, which adds comfort and hides the seams on the inside of the boot.
  • Lemonwood Pegs: Like boot makers of the past, we use lemon wood studs in our outsole to ensure a strong bond between the upper and sole of each boot.
  • Hand-hammered Pegs & Nails: Professional craftsmen hand hammer each nail into the shank of our boots and check them for a snug fit, ensuring the sole is durable.
  • 100% Leather Outsole: Unlike some boot manufacturers, we use 100% genuine cowhide for the outsoles of our boots, a classic, time-honored method of making western boots.
  • Hand-stitched And Corded: Every Shoesszone boot is handcrafted from start to finish, and this artistry is especially evident in the cording and stitching on our boots.
  • Triple-Stitched Pull Straps: We take the quality of our boots very seriously, and each pair of RUJO is carefully engineered for maximum durability over extended periods of wear.


    -Product Details-

    • Item model number: 2024 New Style
    • Application: Daily walking, Working, Party, home, etc.
    • Size: 6-15 US normal size. Please check the detailed sizes before your purchase.

    We found that many of the shoe pictures were the same as ours. Note that shoes with the same picture are not of the same quality. Please order from LORYDAY for the perfect experience.

    The promotion ends as soon as the reduced price is sold out.

    Comfort guaranteed! Try LORYDAY® Shoes RISK FREE and see for yourself why LORYDAY is considered the most comfortable orthopedic shoe by millions. Walk comfortably with no pain or money back. Free shipping and returns.


    Many podiatrists highly recommend MUMU as the best solution for foot pain problems.Definitely worth a try.

    Pain-Free Standing For 12+ Hours

    Whether you're a construction worker, nurse, or any other profession that requires extended periods of standing, our shoes are the perfect choice for keeping your feet comfortable and pain-free all day long. Try them today and experience the difference!

    Superior Pain-Relieving Arch Support

    MUMU's unique arch support technology helps relieve various types of foot pain while providing additional cushioning and a stable arch, making MUMU's shoes the ideal choice for those with foot issues.


    1. What is the 30 Day Wear Test Guarantee?

    We believe 100% in our products. This is why we offer a 30-Day Wear Test Guarantee where you can test the shoes and decide for yourself.

    2. What Happens If I Order the Wrong Size?

    We have a support team available 24/7 for you. Simply email us at and we will change the size for you

    3. Are they slip-resistant?

    YES! Our outer sole is slip-resistant.Perfect for healthcare workers,restaurant workers,cleaners,janitors,and more

    4. Who Should Wear Orthopedic Shoes?

    Orthopedic shoes help align a patient's feet and off-load areas of increased stress (like a collapsed arch, an arthritic joint, or a diabetic ulcer or callus.

    5. Can normal people wear orthopedic shoes?

    People of all ages wear orthopedic shoes. They are also popular among people without foot problems because they are specifically designed to support the foot, ankle, and leg‘s structure and mechanics and strengthen important muscles.

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